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So...whats there to know about me ehh? well let me tell ya all that my name is Karl Behramfram (yeaa its a drag but you can call me K@RL).A Zorastrian Graphic Artist born, educated and brought up in Bombay with a degree to animate.

 The design and creative part of my brain has dominated my life from school to college.Numbers and economics #%^*& up my happiness and  played havoc with my grades until i learnt to grasp the finer details and started my own way of thinking.Doodling opened up a whole new world where i could shelter from all the facts and figures which i know would not be very useful to me later on.

I chose animation as a career is because in this field you can let your imagination run wild cause knowledge is a never ending process.A competitive and hardworking atmosphere is exactly what we need to get better at what we love to do...and i love gettin paid for what i love to do! but then again there is lots to learn (as you can clearly see from a couple of my videos)....yes modesty is a partial trait.

 As guests on my page your more than welcome to comment or compliment on my work and any suggestions you can contact me by visiting the links tab.As an upcoming graphic artist im open to constructive criticism so go all out!!

 Sky is the limit so look out  Pixar© and Dreamworks©....here i come!!!



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