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Posted by Karl on December 26, 2010 at 12:33 PM

I am writing this based on this documentary i just saw on the band Coldplay.What they said is so true on how i feel about fellow artists around the world.

Any artist let it be a musician or cg artist or a painter has this passion for his work which makes him want to wake up from bed every morning.Unlike business minded individuals we create something open to critisim from everyone in the world.We have to learn from them.

The band made music purely cause they loved to.Freedom of expression to do whatever you want and always love to experiment on new stuff.Never doing the same boring routine 9 to 5 job everyday.As musicians they push them selves harder to create new music for their fans,thats just how we should be.Trying out new stuff..

Most of their famous songs were written by strumming one single chord and the rest would just follow in.I agree that some ideas come last minute and they are not planned or anything...just have to wait for it to come..

To make people happy with your work is what drives me to do what i love.Right now i cant say much since im  just starting my career.

In the 3d world you can pretty much create anything you want to any weird ideas catering to your imagination.

Sometimes we have to go back to our roots and start again from scratch if we forget why are we doing all this.When you trace back you get that passion in you,new ideas start flowing through your head.

Sadly the world isnt ready for this kind of culture yet and i feel that this country is lagging behind a lot.Artists dont get the respect they deserve.

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