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Posted by Karl on November 28, 2010 at 1:56 PM

Not many people know but this isn't your every day 9 to 5 job where you finish your studies and then sit at a desk pushing papers the whole day. Basically what they teach you in the institutes are just the tools of the software and how to use them and what they can do.Now its upto you and your knowledge on how you use them in your work.

Some of my friends are lucky they got a job right after they finished their course,also timing plays a part cause others are jobless for over a year.

Learning never stops for us.New softwares replace old ones and then they themselves get updated with new tools and fixes and what not.So you can never say i have learnt animation now give me a job.it just wont do.Right after you finish your course officially you need to prepare your demo reel.This is a collection of your talent and your skills which you have spent over a year learning compressed in under a few minutes.Your reel and your cv is all what is needed to find a job here.A good percentile in your regular education is a bonus but they dont really care how well you scored in history in your school days.

For some artists their creativity is more than their execution of the same.For example they might not be proficient on executing a perfect walk cycle but ask them to think of a story or a concept for the same and they will surprise you with their talents.While others can execute a perfect walk cycle but then thats their limit,mere puppets....

Its all about standing out form the rest and through your work to show them why they must hire you...

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