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Posted by Karl on November 25, 2010 at 5:25 AM

Today i saw a girl going to college and she had a way of walking.As she contacted she twisted her leg form the ball of the foot and as she went to her peek position she glided up,don't know how to describe what i saw properly but this is the best i can do.

So moving on i have to now animate two scenes bringing out character personalities of charlie chaplin and Al pachino, so if thats not challenging enough we gotta submit it for feedback tomorrow so i have less than 24hrs to finish it.Going to be concentrating properly at night when its silent and no distractions.Have to plan my work if i am going to finish it up by tomorrow 10am.

So there are two seperate scenes and im going to make the background props needed first on both of them,then draw some rough storyboards to give me an idea.This im targeting to finish up in two hours.Then ill start on rough blocking on both the scenes and targeting to finish up by midnight tonite.Then will start on adding finishing touches till morning.gotta take into account the eating breaks etc...

Trying to get into that zone you know where its just you and your work,like they show in the movie the social network where the programmers are plugged in and no matter what their eyes dont leave the screen.

One lecture video i saw that when you unplug your music and just animate without it, it becomes easier and quality improves.I tested it out and its TRUE!!...and other times when there is too much of stuff happening around me, music is a must!!

Here i go....

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